Warframe mehr mod slots

warframe mehr mod slots

Einige der Modplätze auch Slots genannt sind "polarisiert". Jede Art der Polarisierung hat . Auf der Seite zum Schaden findet man mehr Informationen darüber. If anything i'd love to see some kind of "utility" slot where you could fit a mod that affects the mechanics of the weapon instead of just damage. I would love more mod slots.. I've tried looking online to see of that's an option, I don't think it is. Even if only for the Warframe. 8 is nice.


Warframe 101 - Orokin Reactors: How to Obtain and Use Orokin Reactors to Upgrade your Warframe If anyone who reads this was in that stream from Steve and remember a little better what he said please add anything he said you might feel is relevant. Fügt der Pistole Feuerschaden hinzu. Name Description Polarity Rarity Automatic Trigger Increases Fire Rate Rare Combustion Rounds Adds Heat Damage Uncommon Comet Blast Adds Impact Damage Rare Dual Rounds Adds Multishot Chance Rare Electrified Barrel Adds Electric Damage Uncommon Hollowed Bullets Increases Critical Damage Rare Magazine Extension Increases Magazine Real online shopping Common Magma Chamber Increases Mit browsergames geld verdienen Damage and Status Chance Rare Modified Munitions Increases Status Chance Uncommon Parallax Scope Increases Critical Chance Common Bayern champions league 2017 Magazine Adds Cold Damage Uncommon Quasar Drill Adds Puncture Damage Rare Rubedo-Lined Barrel Adds Base Damage Uncommon Shell Rush Increases Charge Rate Uncommon Venomous Clip Adds Toxin Damage Uncommon Zodiac Shred Adds Slash Damage Rare. Nekros S Schockierende Geschwindigkeit Gegner erleiden Elektroschaden bei Berührung während Geschwindigkeit. Wikia ist eine gebührenfreie Seite, die sich durch Werbung finanziert. Fusing with a mod with Endo increases the rank and overall power of the mod. Increases knockdown recovery speed Increases power duration.